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How to guide for BitBox02

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

By using BitBox02 self-custody wallet and securing your seed phrases with Chaindeck you are now one step closer to financial freedom. Please plan to spend the next 45-60 minutes setting up your Chaindeck to be ready for when the BitBox02 setup instructs you to record your recovery seed phrase.

If you’ve already completed your BitBox02 setup and just need to record your seed phrase on Chaindeck, refer to the instruction booklet provided. After recording your recovery seed phrase onto your Chaindeck, make sure you properly destroy your recovery seed card or whatever your seed phrase was recorded on prior to being a Chaindeck user.

  1. Before setting up your BitBox02, it is important to get your Chaindeck setup and ready to go for recording your seed phrase. Please follow the instructions provided in the box or refer to our instructions on our website to chain your deck.

  2. Once you have arranged your cards, place the chained deck carefully back into the sleeve it came in.

  3. Now that your deck is chained and tucked in its sleeve, you are ready to start the setup of your BitBox02. Please go to the BitBox02 set-up guide to start setting up your device.

  4. Follow the instructions until you arrive at the step which involves creating the backup, i.e., recording your recovery seed phrase.

  5. Go back to the chained deck in its sleeve and start noting down your seed phrase in the correct order using a black marker. Make sure to write as small as possible, avoiding long continuous lines but also making sure that it's legible.

    1. 24 words is the default Recovery Seed length for all BitBox02 models. 24 words will most probably require you to use two different sides of the deck depending on how small you can write. Make sure the deck stays in order as you take it out of the sleeve and rotate to use another side. Ensure that you've recorded all of the words in the correct order.

  6. Once you’re done with recording your seed phrase on your Chaindeck, go ahead and complete the setup of your BitBox02 without shuffling the deck as the setup may ask you for the seed phrase again.

  7. After you’ve completed the BitBox02 setup and can now access your wallet without seed phrase inquiry, you can go ahead and shuffle the deck of cards as well as you can, flipping, rotating and mixing them until the seed phrase is no longer legible.

  8. It’s important to store your Chaindeck and wallet separately. Chaindeck is best kept in a fireproof safe for long term storage.

  9. For enhanced security of your seed phrase, we encourage you to explore our alternative methods page, where you'll find our expert recommendations on further securing your deck. The possibilities are limitless.

  10. Congratulations on securing your financial freedom with Chaindeck.

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