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Why you should store your seed phrase backup on a Chaindeck instead of metal plates

At Chaindeck, our goal is to circumvent the limitations of traditional information storage methods. In this article, we dive into some of the features that set Chaindeck apart from traditional paper and metal storage methods, showcasing Chaindeck’s elevated security, convenience, and modularity —attributes that make Chaindeck the ultimate choice for those seeking a new standard in secure information storage.

Chaindeck takes security to the next level by offering an innovative means to obscure your Seed Phrase. A distinctive feature absent from our competitors' offerings, Chaindeck allows you to convert your seed phrase into a "mystery" with a simple shuffle of cards. With a 100-card Chaindeck, at a fully random shuffle, there are 2.4x10^247 (2^100 x 4^100 x 100! / 8) possible arrangements with respect to the different side surfaces of the deck. Read about our math here. The extensive array of possible arrangements guarantees a robust safeguard for your seed phrase, affording you ample time to respond to any potential security threats by delaying access to your Secret Phrase.

This stands in stark contrast to the conventional method of storing seed phrases on metal where your seed phrase can be seen by anyone. Access to the metal storage device opens the door for potential theft, as anyone stumbling upon it can swiftly capture a photo to compromise your sensitive information. The absence of encryption in this conventional method necessitates additional precautions to ensure your seed phrase remains inaccessible to strangers. For instance, some individuals resort to extreme measures like concealing it in remote locations. Incorporating metal storage into your daily life and within your household becomes a challenge, as vigilance is required to prevent unauthorized individuals—be it your landlord, cleaner, emergency service personnel, repair crews, or others—from taking photos of the seed phrase backup. Chaindeck is a level of security that goes beyond the ordinary, providing peace of mind in an ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Recognizing the diverse security needs of individuals, Chaindeck introduces convenience and modularity to its design. While traditional metal storage has finite space on it, tailoring the number of cards in your deck grants you flexibility, providing generous room for jotting down secrets or fortifying security measures. Compared to metal storage methods, there will be ample space available on the sides of the deck to throw-off an attacker by creating “dead-ends” with False Markings. Unlike metal storage, you can handwrite on Chaindeck, so it’s easier to tailor it to your needs and get creative with it. This adaptability ensures that Chaindeck aligns seamlessly with your unique requirements, making it a versatile and customizable solution. Read about False Markings and how to increase your Chaindeck security here.

Whether you're safeguarding your Seed Phrase, personal secrets, important data, or critical access information, Chaindeck equips you with a new level of security and convenience. Join us on this exciting journey towards redefining secure information storage. Stay tuned for updates, tutorials, and real-life use cases as we roll out Chaindeck to the world. Visit our homepage at to learn more, sign up for early access, and be among the first to experience the power of Chaindeck.

Your keys, your responsibility—it's all in your hands with Chaindeck.

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