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Chaindeck Terminology

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Arrow Matrix: The 4x10 table of Direction Arrows. The Arrow Matrix is located at the bottom-half of the cards.

Card Number: Every card has a unique Card Number shown on the left side of the Arrow Matrix. The Card Number is underlined on the back faces of the cards. The cards come sorted by this number by default. The Factory Chain Method uses these numbers to chain the deck.

Chain: The specific way the cards are sorted, flipped, and rotated is called a chain. Chaindeck cards can be chained using the PIN.

Chain Record: When the cards are chained using the Shuffle-Record method, Chain Record stores the card arrangement information.

Direction Arrow: The arrow used to rotate each card. It is found using the color of the Sorting Number and the third digit of the PIN. Each card must be rotated so that the Direction Arrow points up.

False Markings: Random words, letters, and lines you can draw in empty spaces on the sides of the deck after recording the Secret Phrase, used to throw-off an attacker by creating "dead-ends". Read more.

Number Matrix: The 10x10 matrix of Sorting Numbers. The Number Matrix is located on the top-half of the cards.

PIN: The 3-digit secret number (between 000 and 999) selected by the owner. The PIN is needed to chain the cards and write/read the Secret Phrase using the PIN Method.

Secret Phrase: Anything that can be handwritten on the side of the deck, such as bitcoin wallet seed phrases, passwords, and secret messages to others.

Sorting Number: The number used to sort and flip the cards. Every Sorting Number has a color used to find the Direction Arrow.

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