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Alternative methods for chaining the cards

Chaining refers to arranging the cards in a specific order, flip, and rotation. The owner of the Chaindeck must be able to recreate a specific chain after the cards are completely shuffled to be able to retrieve the secret phrase.

While the default is to use the PIN method, there are four broad categories of methods for chaining the cards. These methods are summarized below.

Factory Chain Method

Security: Low | Convenience: High

If security is the lowest concern, then there is technically no need to rearrange the cards beyond the way they come in the box. The cards will come chained so that they're sorted from Card #0 to Card #99, all facing up, and all rotated upright. This Factory Chain can be used to record the secret phrase. Once the cards are shuffled the secret phrase will still be encrypted, and there will not be a PIN to remember.

PIN Method

Security: Medium | Convenience: Medium

This is the default recommended method for chaining the cards. It will take 20-45 minutes to set up, and will offer a great balance between security and convenience.

Shuffle-Record Method

Security: Medium | Convenience: Low

This method gets the owner to start by randomly shuffling the cards. Then, the random chain that is created is written-down and a "Chain Record" is created. This Chain Record will be needed whenever the secret phrase needs to be retrieved later. While the chain is completely random, this method creates a new backup that should not be lost.

Owner-Defined Custom Method

Security: High | Convenience: Low

Chaindeck cards have a lot of random numbers on them. The owner can invent a novel way to chain the cards, that is only known to the owner. For example, Perhaps the Card Number can be added to the Sorting Numbers, or adjustments can be made to how to find the Sorting number. The possibilities are endless. While the security of this method is high since it makes PIN's useless, the owner will have to accurately remember the new method.

Summary of chaining methods

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