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Chaindeck math

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Using the 3-digit PIN, there are 1,000 unique chains available. Owner’s PIN will correspond to one of these. Each of these unique chains have been randomly generated.

With a 100-card Chaindeck, there are 2.4x10^247 (2^100 x 4^100 x 100! / 8) possible chains. Note that the calculation includes a division by 8 because a chained deck oriented one way vs another is still the same chain. For example, grabbing a deck and flipping it does not create a new chain.

There are 8x10^67 (52!) possible ways to shuffle a 52-card deck of cards.

There are 10^77 (256-bit) possible bitcoin private keys.

There are 10^120 possible games of chess.

There are 10^170 possible games of Go (known to have much higher possible games than chess).

2^100 x 4^100 x 100! / 8 = 23763607299307171362193609818326484017645981245337312911132996178090455230060135548339591741113759276502984864111801019124634311433761501287078601933661968700574704432822951213751183623222174711376483931456990272767926468608000000000000000000000000

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